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I’ve always liked the concept of having all my links to different files, websites, etc. organized like islands and making them my home page when I open my internet browser. Yahoo had something like this many years ago, but then it was discontinued. 
A few years ago I discovered, developed in the Netherlands. The team has responded very quickly to feedback and improvements over the years. 
They offer a 35% discount on their Lifetime Pro plan, meaning you pay once and never have to pay again.
For security reasons it works well, even if you post private links (e.g. to Google Docs) you will be asked to authenticate in your browser. 

I personally use it for: 
– Pages with links, I have a homepage for personal use and then I have a work page with all the links related to my job. They are separate so I can switch between them at any time.
– For some widgets like the world clocks or weather, it’s cool to have multiple clocks at the same time when you use them as your home page.
– I have a page called Technology that I put together with widgets from various tech resources so I can search for tech news from the top places of interest in one area. 

You can try it for free and then upgrade to Pro when you think you’ll use it.

This is what my homepage looks like so you can get an idea: 

Haftungsausschluss: Ich bin in keiner Weise mit verbunden, ich dachte nur, dass ich dieses großartige Angebot teilen sollte, da ich die gleiche Gelegenheit vor einigen Jahren wahrgenommen habe.


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    thanks for sharing – i really appreciate your deals & comments 🙏

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