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Hanzo: Darkness withi‪n gratis für iOS (Apple Appstore)

Apple App Store iTunes
gratis CHF 2.49 Zum Deal
gratis CHF 2.49 Zum Deal

Im Apple Appstore ist das Spiel Hanzo: Darkness within momentan kostenlos erhältlich.

Das Spiel ist ziemlich neu und hat auch nur eine Bewertung.

Der Stil sieht jedoch sehr gut aus und vielleicht ist es ein “Hidden Gem”!

Long ago a child named Hanzo was born in a full moon. In the dark ninja’s traditions, those born in a full moon possess a curse that happens only for selected ninjas. Although this legend wasn’t proven ,some of the dark ninja tribes decided to eliminate those who possess such curse regardless in order to keep people living in harmony. And as a result, his whole family and comrades got killed though he managed to run away to the far-away woods. From that moment he made a promise to himself to avenge all his family and comrades who got killed trying to escort him. In order to do that, he needs to first collect the “Legendary assassin short katana” buried under the runes of Webkoto a place of the legendary widow. No one ever made it alive. Can you be the one to help Hanzo make it out of there alive?

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